Portugal travel guide

Portugal is on the farthest end of Eurasian continent. You can even see this «end», called Cape Roca. And beyond is unbounded ocean which always lured adventurous seafarers.

Now Portugal pays particular attention to tourist business. As there you can either spend your vacation on some beach or visit historical sites.

Mandatory visiting place of absolutely all tourists is Sintra, a small township several dozens kilometers to the west from Lisbon. It has at once three most interesting historical sites: Moorish castle of early Middle Ages, royal palace of late Middle Ages and Pena National Palace, which is one of the world`s most beautiful palaces. It is atop the hill where you can have magnificent views.

You can spend a day in Lisbon. The city has something to see, though one can feel that it wasn’t able to fully recover after the 18th century earthquake, and is somewhat neglected.

If you aren’t indifferent to port, you can go to the north of Portugal, to the city of Porto, which is the home of this wine. Moreover, you can even visit some wine plants and degust this famous beverage.