Romania travel guide

Romania is a country of Eastern Europe with outlet to the Black Sea. There are many curious places in the country, especially for those who are interested in legends of vampires. In Romania you can spend your vacation either on the beaches of the Black Sea or in Transylvanian Mountains or visit some medieval towns, such as Sighisoara, which is most interesting of them.

The capital of Romania, Bucharest, is very interesting for its historical center, Old Town. One day would be quite enough to visit the city and go to Sighisoara or Brasov. These towns preserved their medieval appearance. Sighisoara is enclosed with walls, and its center is the same as in the time of notorious Count Dracula. It has been quite a real personality and if you aren’t afraid of vampires you can even go and visit his former residence.

Transylvanian Alps are also connected with vampires. It was just there that they chased their victims, which tried to escape them by way of narrow gorges of this mountain range. It is very cold in winter, but in summer you could enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes. However, you should know that it is a deserted area far from civilization.

Popular downhill skiing resorts, such as Poiana Brasov and Sinaia, are in the Carpathian Mountains. There you can have a comfortable rest and go in for downhill skiing, and at fairly low prices.