Slovakia travel guide

Slovakia is small land-locked country in the center of Eastern Europe. Its primary tourist attractions are Low and High Tatras and beautiful medieval castles which are scattered all over the country.

The capital of Slovakia Bratislava is situated on the high bank of the Danube. And it is only a half-hour trip from Vienna. Historical center of the city has fully retained its medieval appearance.

The most beautiful castles of Slovakia are in Bojnice, Spis and Bratislava Bojnice Castle in Boinitse is most impressive. The Castle of Spis is one of the largest castles in Europe. You can also visit the old Levoca, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Slovakia. It has a small castle too. You can also go to Slovak National Paradise Park, which is not very far from the city.

It would be interesting the caves of Slovakia. There are a lot of caves in this country, but only two of them are most curious – Dobsinska Ice Cave and Okhtinska Aragonite Cave.

Dobsinska Cave is one of the largest and most beautiful ice caves in the world. Only about 450 meters of its area, out of 1400 meters, are accessible for tourists. All its surfaces are covered with strange glacial formations. The other cave, Okhtinska Aragonite Cave, is not far from Kosice. The crystals of aragonite are similar to nacre, so the cave`s walls glitter with all colours of rainbow. Most famous is the Chamber of Milky Way where aragonite glare is similar to that of stars.