21.06.2011 Guarantee of flight for your expense

Guarantee of flightThe Ministry of transport proposed to a new low aiming at  regulating canceled  flights or bankruptcy of airlines.

According to the project the Ministry should create special fond which will sustain flights to provide stability in case of airlines problems. Such a kind of a fond will be established up to 2012.

Today the Government sustains flights in case of bankruptcy of airlines. 5 billion rub in 2009 and 300 millon rub  in 2011 were dispensed for this purpose , and in 2012 such budget item  will not be approved.

The fond is supposed to be created  of with the help passengers` expense. For that extra 30 rubles to the ticket cost will be paid by passengers.

Note that the project is still not approved in the Government.  But the necessity of the guarantee exists and requires state regulation.

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