22.06.2011 Summer sell-outs in Europe

SaleSell-out! What can be more attractive for a true shopaholic? Glowing eyes and a multitude of reasons to buy everything you want. As such event occurs only twice a year. At the height of sell-out discounts can reach as much as 80%. Everything will depend on the shop and the start or the end of sell-out season.

Summer sell-out schedule in Europe:

• London: from mid June to mid July
• France: June, 22 –July, 26
• Spain: July, 1 – August, 31
• Belgium: July, 1 – July, 31
• Italy: Rome – until August, 13, Bologna – until September, 4, Turin – until August, 27, Palermo – until September, 15, Venice – until August, 31.

Remember, that during sell-outs there may be queues at the shops, and their business hours are generally extended because of increased demand for their goods.

Happy purchases!

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