15.07.2011 Bear attacks frequented at "Stolby"

bearAccording to reports of Geo Meridian portal, the national nature reserve "Stolby" will be closed for tourists until this July, 5.

This reserve was created almost a century ago for conserving nature around the picturesque syenite outcrops - "pillars", hence the name of this protected environmental zone.

This is due to frequented attacks of bears on tourists. Recently, there have been three such cases.

The administration explains this with the rutting period of bears, which generally occurs in May, June, and in the first decade of July. During this period she-bears drive off their cubs. As a result, there appeared a lot of young bears in the age of two years in the forest.

At the administration they promised to take the appropriate actions, for example, to put bears to sleep, if they will continue to be too aggressive, although no such measures were required earlier.

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