25.07.2011 Paradise for nudists in South Korea

South KoreaThe first spa complex for nudists will be opened in province Jeolla (South Korea) on July, 30, reports Geo Meridian portal. This is a forest balneological center offering cypress healing.

They will build 15 adobe and pile cabins and caves on the territory of the park, which will be planted in Jangheung-gun. Within them visitors can be without clothes and to a full degree feel the effect of so-called coniferous aroma therapy based on phytoncids, natural substances, emitted by trees and other plants. The thing is that the maximum effect of phytoncido therapy, or aroma therapy, is achieved only when these substances penetrate the organism through the skin. However, beyond the cabins visitors are advised to wear paper shorts and skirts, which they can acquire at the entrance of the park. By the way, the entrance will be free.

To avoid possible problems the park was segregated by sex and enveloped by the dense hedge of bamboo trees, so that to completely exclude spying. According to calculations of the administration, the park will daily receive about 60-70 visitors, though it is designed for 200 people.

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