29.07.2011 Cheap holidays in Bulgaria

BulgariaAccording to reports of Geo Meridian portal, the cost of Bulgaria tours for Russian citizens fell by 30% in July, 2011.

One of the reasons for decrease in prices was surplus of flights in this direction conditioned by inconsistent policy of the main air agency of the Russian Federation. For example, in summer 2010 only one carrier had a permission to fly to Bulgaria, which led to the lack of tickets and increase in prices. And in 2011 these permissions were granted to everyone who needed them. This resulted in excess of flights and decrease in prices. In some cases, you could even buy a tour for as much as 200-300 euros.

Also, tour operators wanted to compensate their losses connected with unfavorable political conditions in Egypt at the expense of Bulgaria. But they overestimated the growth of market. According to experts, demand for Bulgaria tours grew only by 30-35% in 2011, comparing to much greater increase in the volume of traffic.

Moreover, in summer property owners with their families and friends also go to Bulgaria, so many tickets are sold outside of tours.

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