25.06.2011 Spanish resorts gain the growing popularity

SpainThe authorities of Spain are seriously concerned about encouraging Russian tourists to spend their vacation just in this country, reports Geo Meridian portal. For example, only in 2011 the number of visas issued to Rus-sian tourist grew by as much as 65%.

Thanks to the planned measures for attraction of Russian tourists, namely, increase in the num-ber of Russian-speaking guides and hotel staff, as well as increase in the number of direct flights from Russia to Spain and employees of visa centre, - the volume of tourist traffic from Russian has significantly increased in the course of three years.

All other things considered, simplification of visa application procedure in addition to half-year Schengen multi-visas, which are issued at the first visit to the country, would be decisive factor when choosing a place for summer vacation.

The authorities of the country have set an ambitious goal – to become the number one summer tourist destination for Russian citizens for 5 years. However, so far, you can be quite skeptical about this because of the presence of such strong competitor as Turkey.

The hotels of Spain and public beaches would hardly be a worthy substitution for “ultra all inclu-sive” Turkey's hotels with their private beaches, developed infrastructure and animation. But you might expect that, because of pursuit of new experiences, the number of tourists from Russia may significantly increase.

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