12.08.2011 New sight of Mexico

MexicoA new sight will soon appear in Villa de Guadalupe, which is 6 kilometers of Mexico, reports Geo Meridian portal. Annually, the town is visited by more than 20 million tourists, including Catholic pilgrims.

This year a cross-shaped glass observation deck reaching the height of 60-70 meters will be constructed there. You can climb up the deck in the lift with LED backlight.

Villa de Guadalupe, having been an important religious center of Aztecs before the coming of Europeans, has very curious history.

According to the legend, in December, 1531 on the hill of Tepeyac, one of the local Indian peasants had the vision of Virgin Mary who desired the temple to be built on the site. And although the clergy didn’t believe the peasant, eventually there was erected a basilica with two chapels.

Consequently, this legend had a big influence on fast and voluntary conversion of the Mexico's Indians to Christianity.

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