30.08.2011 Tourists will soon be able to cycle around Vilnius

The first rental agencies for electrical bicycles in Europe will soon be opened in the capital of Lithuania, reports Geo Meridian portal. There will be opened four such agencies in the center of Vilnius.

To rent a bicycle you must have on you the identity card, driving license and the bank card, or 500 lits (EU 145). It is just the sum that you will have to leave in gage for the bicycle. You will get back your money after you return the vehicle upon the end of the promenade. You should return the bicycle to the same rental agency where you take it.

You can rent at the rate of 30 lits for an hour, which is approximately 8 euros, and the first hour will cost you only 10 lits (about EU 3).

It is planned to offer similar service at some other cities of Spain, Italy and Great Britain.

Electrical bicycle is a common bicycle outfitted with electrical drive, which make it suitable for people with most different physical training, allowing to measure the load. Additionally, the bi-cycle is equipped with GPS, allowing to track it in the city. So, you won't get lost in the city, too.

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