02.09.2011 A new entertainment appeared in the Middle East

The largest paintball & strikeball park in the Middle East has been opened in the United Arab Emirates, reports Geo Meridian portal.

The park is located on the premises of the local Golf & Shooting Club. Playgrounds are at the first floor of the two-story building, while at the ground floor, stylized to the barracks, there are check-in desk, armory, a shop, where one can buy everything necessary for paintball, as well as a café, where one can have a rest after the "battle".

The open playgrounds are done in the form of a London quarter and bank office. The latter one is designed for close combat.

Additionally, there are three more open fields with planes, jeeps, bunkers and tall towers.

Thanks to cameras installed on the playgrounds, which pictures are painted on the walls of the waiting hall, the audience can watch the battles.

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