29.09.2011 Programs for Russian tourists are being developed in Malaysia

Haghi Azizan Nurdin, general manager of Malaysia tourism office, announced that several programs designed to attract tourists from Russia will soon appear in the country, reports Geo Meridian portal. He made the statement at the press conference in Moscow, which was held within the framework of Leisure-2011 exhibition.

The programs will be focused on extension of tourist sojourn in Malaysia, as well as promotion of exploration tourism, making it possible to know closer the culture and traditions of the country.

Two alternative programs will be offered – one for poorer or more sparing tourists, and the other for well-to-do travelers. Within the framework of the former program, already from October, 1st, the tourist from Russia spending their vacations in Thailand will also have an opportunity to make a trip to Malaysia. This unique offer will include a transfer from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur, as well as accommodation at 3- or 4-star hotels. Moreover, tourists who want to stay at the hotel for more than two nights, will be entitled to significant discounts. The minimum cost of the hotel room for two nights will be around $150.

The second program, called Luxury Elite Club, will include exclusive service, helicopter tours and individual excursion programs.

According to the preliminary estimates of the Malaysia tourism office, about one thousand tour-ists can use these offers by the end of the year.

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