10.10.2011 Russian mini clubs for small travelers opened in the Alps

Ski_resortsRussian tour operator Sunrise-tour opens mini clubs for children of those tourists who spend their holidays at the skiing resorts of the Alps, reports Geo Meridian portal.

These mini clubs offer various entertainments, which will be suitable even for the youngest tour-ists. They receive the children in the age of 4 - 12 years old. Specially trained instructors conduct drills on the mountain slopes, give drawing lessons and play games with their charges. For the customers of Sunrise-tour one-day accommodation of their children at such establishment will cost 15 euros, while the customers of some other tour agency will have to pay 25 euros. The cost of dinner and snack is included in the sum.

The first mini club created on the basis of local office of the company was opened several years ago in Mayrhofenе (Austria). Today there are similar clubs in another two Austrian towns, and in several towns of Italy.

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