14.10.2011 Russian citizens prefer the Alpine resorts of Switzerland

SwitzerlandThe increasing number of Russian citizens spends their winter holidays at resorts of Switzerland, reports Geo Meridian portal.

For example, in the season of 2010/2011 the number of tourists from Russia, which visited this country, grew by two thousand people, comparing to the previous year. At the same time Russian citizens changed their priorities. If during several past years they preferred to spend their vacations at Zermatt, then already last winter they mostly went to the competing resort of Engadin- St. Moritz.

Also the Russian tourists began to display the growing interest to another Swiss resort - Leu-kerbad. During the last season the number of Russian travelers who visited it increased by as much as 28%, comparing to the previous year.

Generally, the traffic of Russian tourists increased nearly at all Swiss resorts excepting Grindewald, where the number of Russian tourists contrarily decreased by 11%.

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