21.10.2011 Belize offers adventure tours

BelisTravel agencies of Belize offer new tours developed for those who love nature and adventure tourism, reports Geo Meridian portal.

These tours include visiting the unique limestone caves, with most of them located in Toledo District and in the south of the country. Here tourists will have an opportunity to see the conglo-meration of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as wander around the ruins of Maya civilization.

The experienced travelers with a good physical training, as well as everyone who lacks adrena-line, cab visit Cayo District. Here they can join the Black Hole Drop, a tour arranged by one of the regional hotels Branch Adventure Co. This adventure tour includes the mountain climbing of one hour and a half, descent into a cave, to the depth of 91 meters and a dinner in the jungles. Also, the hotel offers so-called "wilderness survival trips", where you will be taught to build a shelter, to find food and get some other useful skills, which are necessary to survive in the wild jungles.

Those who like fishing can know exotic kinds of fishing at the camp the hotel El Pescador built on a small island Ambergris Caye.

Finally, bird lovers can go to the nature reserve Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, which has a great number of various birds. It is located only 40 kilometers north of Belize City.

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