14.12.2011 New ice hotel opens in Rumania

One more ice hotel, will open in Rumania on December, 24, reports Geo Meridian portal. This new hotel will operate until April, 30, 2012.

Tourists can get to Balcea Lac Ice Hotel, which will be located not far from the lake of the same name, 170 kilometers to the north-west of Bucharest, only by the cable road.

The interiors of all 14 hotel rooms, including beds, are made of ice. There are mattresses covered with deer hides on the beds. Air temperature in the rooms will be in the range of -2ºC to +2ºC. You will have to pay for accommodation at this ice hotel at least 335 euros per head.

The guests of the hotel can also visit the ice bar, where they will be able to choose between regular and vegetarian menu, which they will have to order in advance. The cost of menu, which is 46 euros per head, includes appetizers, soup, second course and dessert.

The hotel will also offer a lot of active winter activities, such as skating and sledding, as well as lessons in creating ice sculptures.

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