30.01.2012 New river cruises in France

Country Waterways, the oldest cruise company in the country, announced the listing of river cruises for 2012, including several new ones, reports Geo Meridian portal.

For example, eight-berth passenger barge ‘Princess’ will run over the Haute-Loire, and 12-berth barge Adrienne – over the rivers of Champagne and Alsace.

Aboard the 8-berth barge Horizon II one can have a 6-day long cruise over the Burgundy Canal. And, finally, on the 12-berth vessel ‘Nenuphar’ one can set out on a trip over Cote d'Or, the le-gendary wine-making region of Burgundy.

All cruises start on Sundays from April through October. The cost of cruises, which is from 5095 to 6695 dollars per head, includes the accommodation in luxurious cabins and three meals a day, as well as suppers at Micheline-rated restaurants, degustation of fine wines and excursions during stops.

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