15.02.2012 Huge aqua park to be opened at the northern capital of Russia

The largest in Russia aqua park opens in St. Petersburg in February of 2012, reports Geo Meridian portal.

On the premises of Piterland Aqua, which takes up the area of over 25 000 square meters and is covered with a huge film made of inflammable material, there will be five big slides of various complexity, wave basin and hot whirlpool located all round the park. For children under seven years old there will be smaller slides, mazes, and so on. Also to the services of the visitors of the aqua park there will be 13 different baths, spa-center, restaurant, etc.

For visiting the park one will have to pay, depending on the day of week, at least RUR 800. The price of children's ticket will be only RUR 550. The price doesn’t include additional services, as well as food and drinks.

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