17.02.2012 Sale of tickets to Northern America from Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines offers discounts for tickets from Moscow, Sochi and Krasnodar to the cities of the USA and Canada, reports Geo Meridian portal.

For example, at Moscow the price of return ticket will be in the range from 17 288 (New-York) to 19 564 (Toronto) roubles. But at Krasnodar the price of tickets will be much greater, from 17 790 (New-York) to 23 630 (Washington) roubles.

The action will continue up to February 21. The tickets will be valid in the period from March 1 through May 15 2012. And you should stay at the destination city at least for 6 days and at most - 3 months. The tickets can't be returned or exchanged.

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