05.03.2012 Sofitel So opened a hotel in Bangkok

Sofitel So opened its first hotel in Asia (Bangkok), reports Geo Meridian portal.

The interior design of the hotel, which has been developed by five local architects, as well as a well-known fashion designer Christian Lacroix, is based on the subject of five elements - water, earth, wood, metal and fire.

All hotel's suites are divided into 4 categories, and each of them is subject to a certain element. For example, from the suites furnished in the style of water one can have a splendid view of Bangkok. Totally, there are 238 suites in the hotel.

Such public zones as the restaurant with a stove in the center of the hall and the conspicuous name Red Oven belong to the element of fire. The hotel has 5 more establishments where one can eat and drink. And most of them have some allusions to fire.
Also, the hotel has a fitness center, which is similar to the enchanted wood, a spa center and an open swimming-pool overlooking the Lumpini Park.

Besides, the hotel has 6 meeting halls and a ball room of 380 square meters.

Minimum cost of a two-bed room is 147 euros per day. So Cosy suites are the cheapest ones in the hotel).
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