26.06.2012 Tram of the start of XX century will run in Riga

Starting from the summer a small tram of XX century began to run in Riga, reports Geo Meridian portal.

This retro-tram will run only along two lines three times a week, namely on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

One of the lines, so-called Big Ring, takes 40 minute and goes from the center of Riga to the Mezhapark and City Zoo. The other line, or Small Ring, goes through the famous Jugendstil quarters of the city, including Radio and Ausekl streets, and a park district with the magnificent building of Marine Academy.

The tram can contain up to 28 people, 18 sittings and 10 standees. The cost of the ticket, which you can buy from the tram-driver, will be 1 lat (for adults) and 50 centimes (for schoolchildren and students). Children under seven will be charged no fare.
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