25.07.2012 New eco hotel opened in Croatia

The first Class A "green hotel" opened at the Croatian resort Podstrana, reports Geo Meridian portal.

This new 4-star hotel for 40 double rooms is located 3 hundred meters from Luchitsa-Strozhants Bay. The windows of all rooms open to the sea. Besides, the beds on special "podiums" make its possible to enjoy wonderful seascapes even from lying position.

Modern energy efficient and control systems are used at the hotel. For instance, water is heated using solar energy sources and rooms are equipped with LED-lamps. Moreover, bathrooms with glass walls and partitions letting in daylight allow further reducing power consumption. Also, the guests of the hotel can use environmentally-friendly cleaning agents, shampoos and soap with eco certificates.

The cost of accommodation at this eco hotel isn't specified.
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