26.07.2012 New amusement park opened in Hong Kong

New entertainment park was opened in Hong Kong, reports Geo Meridian portal.

Polar Adventure, taking up almost 14 000 square meters of the territory of Ocean Park, is devoted to the nature of Arctic and Antarctic. The visitors of the park can observe such polar animals as penguins, walruses, sea lions, etc. in their native habitat. Moreover, special lighting installations simulate the arctic lights. Totally, there are presented over 100 species animals at the park.

Apart from watching animals, the visitors of the park are offered other interesting entertainments such as playing at snowballs or building ice castles, as well as the attraction Arctic Blast, with cabins made in the shape of sledges.

Since the purpose of the park was to help in the fight with the global warming and some other environmental issues, the restaurant Tuxedos located on the territory of the park forward 5% of its profits to the environment protection projects.

The cost of a day ticket is 280 Hong Kong dollars ($36) for adults, and 140 Hong Kong dollars ($18) for children in the age from 3 to 11.
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