23.08.2012 Light festival to be opened in Riga

The 5th festival of light, Staro Riga, will take place at Riga in November, reports Geo Meridian portal.

During this time the guests of the capital of Latvia can see the city in the unusual illumination. It will be decorated with a number of bright, colorful multimedia installations. Also the guests of the festival can take part in various prize-winning contests. For the convenience of the visitors, on the Ratushnaya Square (Town Hall Square) and in the other frequented places of Riga there will be arranged information centers and a special bus tour over the city.

By the way, Riga is famous for the number of various cultural events. So, until the end of this year there will be held several more festivals, such as the folk festival Origo and the film festival "Baltic Gem", and these are only some of the items in the long list of events to be held at Riga.
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