26.12.2012 Hobbit Museum to be opened in Switzerland in 2013

Hobbit Museum will be opened at a small Swiss village in autumn of the following year, reports Geo Meridian portal.

The author of the project is the businessman from Graubunden, who spent a lot of time and money for purchasing various things, related to Tolkien and the world of the Middle Earth. Totally, there have already been invested some 2.5 million francs in the project. The exposition of the museum, which will be located partially under the ground and partially – on the ground, takes up 300 square meters.

The visitors of the museum can also see the hobbit's library, consisting of 3000 books and the picture gallery of 600 works of artists from all over the world. Moreover, everyone can stay for a night at the true hobbit's hole, as well as visit rooms with the Middle-Earth interiors. Finally, in future the author of the project is planning to create an adventure park by the books of Tolkien.
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