24.01.2013 Terracotta Army Exhibition opened in Brussels

Terracotta Army Exhibition prepared with the help of the Austrian company EMS Entertainment is being held at the Brussels Stock Exchange, reports Geo Meridian portal.

The exposition consists of 70 wonderful copies of the warriors of the Terracotta Army, including infantry, generals, officers, archers and even horses. Totally, the sculptors Ralf Gruneberg and   Burkard Pfrenzinger made 180 exact replicas, which have travelled over Europe since 2002.

The Terracotta Army, being one of the most significant archaeological findings of 20 century, was discovered near Xian, a city on the north-east of China, in 1974. It is a burial of about 9 thousand life-size warriors, created in II B.C. to guard the mausoleum of the legendary Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang, but by today there were found only about 6000 warriors.
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