30.01.2013 A new wave of political disturbances in Egypt

New disturbances in Egypt, having begun at the end of the past week, caused decrease in the number of tourists by as much as 25%, reports Geo Meridian portal.

Remember, the last time that political disturbances took place in Egypt was at the end of past November. And current disturbances at all didn’t affect the main tourist areas of the country. The state of national emergence was enforced only in 3 provinces of Egypt – Port Said, Ismailia and Suez. 

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation confirmed its recommendation to avoid regions of political disturbances and trips beyond the bounds of resort areas. Meanwhile some travel agencies cancel some such tours.

Traditionally, Egypt is considered a popular destination for almost year-round and rather cheap beach vacations. There are old resorts with established reputation and very high service levels, for example, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, and relatively young resort areas, such as Dahab, Safaga and El-Gouna.
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