04.02.2013 The first box hotel opened in Moscow

The first so-called ‘box’ hotel was opened on Tverskaya Street in Moscow, reports Geo Meridian portal.

Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya consists of box rooms or ‘sleep boxes’ made of wood and plastic. Excepting toilet facilities, which are located in the corridor, the rooms have all things needed for accommodation.

The idea of box hotel and the first such hotel appeared in the Japanese city of Osaka at the end of the 70th of the past century. In Russia the first box hotel was opened at the Sheremethyevo airport in 2009.

The cost of accommodation at a double ‘sleep box’ is 2’600 roubles per day.

Moscow is the capital and important tourist center of the Russian Federation. Most of its sights have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. For example, there were included such world's famous sights of the Russian capital as Red Square and Moscow Kremlin.
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