07.02.2013 Giant pudding was cooked in Hurghada

The world's biggest Om-Ali was cooked in Hurghada, reports Geo Meridian portal.

Om-Ali (the mother of Ali) is an Egyptian dessert cooked of milk, resin, and nuts in puff paste, or pudding, which was invented many centuries ago.

Giant Om-Ali was baked in the earthenware of 15 x 2 meters specially made for the occasion. It took 6000 liters of milk, 800 kg of puff paste, 150 kg of nuts and 50 kg of resin to cook it.

Over seven tonnes of this wonderful dessert, which was cooked in two stages for 5 hours, was distributed among the inmates of charity institutions, tourists and just passers-by.

Hurghada is one of the most popular beach destinations. Besides, there are many rather cheap hotels, so people with different incomes can afford to spend their vacations in Hurghada. The main advantages of Hurghada, comparing to Sharm el-Sheikh, are quiet sea, sand beaches and shallow waters. Hurghada also has the well developed tourist infrastructure, such as dancing clubs (mainly at hotels) and restaurants.
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