08.02.2013 Women can now officially wear trousers in Paris

French women were officially allowed to wear trousers in public places, reports Geo Meridian portal. 

According to the old law adopted in 1799, women couldn’t appear in the "men clothes" in public places. They could put on trousers only when riding a bicycle or a horse.

Although in practice this law wasn’t enforced for a long time, women rights advocates often tried cancel it and finally their efforts were crowned with success. This absurd for 21 century law was cancelled by the decision of the minister for women's rights.

France has always attracted a great number of tourists, and its capital Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. France may be interesting both for those who love history and those who prefer beach vacations. The former can make tours of numerous medieval castles, palaces and monasteries and the latter – to spend their time and money at one of the most attractive and expensive resort in the south of France – the Riviera. One of the main and most famous tourist attractions of Paris are the Eifel Tower, the Versailles and the Louvre.
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