11.02.2013 Pskov Kremlin will be completely restored in five years

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development will give money for complete restoration of the Pskov Kremlin, reports Geo Meridian portal.

The restoration works will be conducted in several stages for 5 years. The first stage will begin already in the current year. On the first stage they will conserve the Barlaam tower and start the restoration of the merchant house of XVII century, as well as a section of the city wall. For all this there will be allotted about 600 million roubles.

After the restoration has been finished certain buildings will be used as museums or exposition areas. For example, Intercession tower will be used as the Museum of the Military Glory, and Flat tower - as the Museum of Restoration, as well as the exhibition dedicated to the defense of the city from the troops of Gustav Adolf in 1615.

Pskov is an ancient Russian city located 200 km from Veliky Novgorod in the north-west of Russia. Pskov Kremlin is one of the main sites of the city. The most important and most ancient element of rather modest architecture ensemble of the Pskov Kremlin is the Trinity Cathedral, which was laid down almost at the same time as the city of Pskov. However, the cathedral was often suffered from fires, so the today building of the cathedral dates back only to the end of 17 century. Besides the Trinity Cathedral, there survived no other significant buildings in the Pskov Kremlin.
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