18.02.2013 Corrida museum will be opened in Malaga

The museum of corrida will be opened in one of the old quarters of Malaga this year, reports Geo Meridian portal. 

The visitors of the museum can see sculptures, graphics, photos, and the works of such great painters as Picasso and Goya, as well as the costumes of famous bullfighters, for example the pieces of the costume of the legendary toreador Juan Belmonte. The museum exposition will be based on over 1400 exhibits, which were given to the city by the collector Juan Barco.

Malaga is a small town in the south of Spain. The historical sites of Malaga are the ruins of the Roman theatre and the Moorish palace Alcasaba, as well as the main cathedral of Malaga, built in the style of Renaissance in 16 century. There are a lot of various museums in Malaga such as the museum of motor-cars and Picasso museum.
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