19.02.2013 "Aeroflot" extends the term of discounts for flights in Turkey

Aeroflot continues to sell discount tickets from Russia to Istanbul to February, 28, reports Geo Meridian portal. 

The discount tickets are sold only in certain cities of Russia such as Moscow, Sochi, Kazan and some other cities. And when flying from Kazan you will have to make a transfer in Moscow. The tickets will be valid until April, 23. You can return or exchange your tickets for 35 or 100 euros, accordingly.

Istanbul (former Constantinople) is the capital of two great states – Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, - as well as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thanks to its advantageous geographical location Istanbul played an important role in the trade between Europe and Asia for several centuries. All main historical sites of Istanbul are in the Old City. They are the Blue Mosque and St. Sophia Cathedral, which became the model for cathedrals of the same name in many cities of ancient Russia.
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