22.02.2013 Special offer from Kolomenskoye

Kolomenskoye offers excursions for only 600 or even 250 roubles (persons entitled to benefits), reports Geo Meridian portal.

For the purpose you will have to by a single ticket for 13 expositions, including the tsar's palace of Alexei Milkhaylovich. The ticket will be valid for 10 days, which allows you to visit expositions on convenient days.

The action make it possible for tourists to save about 500 roubles or even more, in the case of privileges, as if you had to buy tickets for single excursions, it would cost you 1100 roubles.

Kolomenskoye Museum Estate is in the south-east of Moscow and is one of the most beautiful landscape parks in the city. One of the oldest significant buildings of the park is the Church of Ascension built by Basil III in the middle of 16 century. The other significant buildings of the park  date back to the period of tsar Alexei Milkhaylovich. It was just in that period that Kolomenskoye became a luxurious out-of-town tsar's residence. The tsar's palace of Alexei Milkhaylovich was reconstructed only in 2010.
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