26.02.2013 New amusement center to be opened in Jerusalem

Entertainment center ‘The First Station’ will be opened at the restored building of the old railway station of Jerusalem this April, reports Geo Meridian portal.

The old railway station is located between the business center and Old Town of Jerusalem and dates back to 1892. This new entertainment center with capacity of over 2 thousand people will include restaurants, bars and art galleries. Also, in the yard one can drink coffee or beer at one of the small pubs and cafes styled as railway carriages.

The Old Town of Jerusalem isn’t similar to no other city in the world. Now the Old Town is divided into 4 quarters – Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Armenian. Jewish Quarter is one of the best-attended districts, as it was almost completely restored only in 1967. Almost all main tourist attractions of Jerusalem are concentrated at the Old Town.
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