27.02.2013 Cathay Pacific reduces the cost of flights from Moscow to Hong Kong

In response to similar actions of Aeroflot, Cathay Pacific airline reduced the prices of flights from Moscow to Hong Kong until March of the current year, reports Geo Meridian portal.

The discount tickets should be used in the period from March 1st to June 20th. You can stay at the destination for two days (min.) or two months (max.). These tickets can't be returned by can be exchanged after paying a fine of 8000 roubles.

Until recently (to 1997) Hong Kong was a colony of the Great British Empire, and then Great Britain, and now it is а special administrative district of China and one of the leading international financial centers. With appropriate planning, Hong Kong may be quite suitable for both active and beach vacations. And besides, Hong Kong is just perfect for shopping as it is a tax-free zone.
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