07.03.2013 Special offer from Bakhchisarai museum

Bakhchisarai museum complex is conducting a special action for attracting tourists, reports Geo Meridian portal.

The action includes 50% decrease in the cost of visiting the palace of Crimean khans, as well as a new excursion devoted to the everyday life of Crimean khans. Particularly, the visitors will be told and shown the ancient needlework techniques, including the ancient embroidery tool.

During the action, which will last until March 15th, 2013, the price of tickets will be 30 hryvnas for adults and 15 hryvnas for pupils and students.

Bakhchisarai is a small town 30 kilometers from Simferopol and the former capital of Crimean Khanate. Tatar khans ruled in Crimea Peninsula for over 3 centuries. The main tourist attraction of Bakhchisarai is the palace of Crimean khans - Khansaray.
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