13.03.2013 Hotel opened in the former prison in the Netherland

Het Arresthuis hotel was opened in the former prison of the Dutch town Roermond, reports Geo Meridian portal.

The prison building dates back to the middle of 19 century. As a result of reconstruction, which has lasted for over 5 years, 150 prison cells were converted to 43 hotel rooms with TV sets, air conditioners and free of charge Wi-Fi. There are also so-called "subject rooms", that is offices of the prison's head, lawyer, judge and jailer in the hotel.

Surely, the hotel has a restaurant, sauna, fitness club and a small patio with olive trees and a garden. The cost of accommodation at the hotel is starting from 128 euros for a double room per night.

The Netherlands or Holland is a small country on the coast of the North Sea. Amsterdam is the capital and the main tourist center of the country. But the primary attraction of the city isn't medieval castles and palaces, or even a multitude of big and small canals, making similar to the Italian Venice, and the unique spirit of freedom. There you can openly do many things which are prohibited or undesirable in most other countries of the world, such as smoking grass and taking smart drugs at specialized establishments.
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