26.03.2013 Grand Peterhof Palace opened after restoration

After 2-month restoration the Grand Peterhof Palace located not far from St. Petersburg began to receive tourists, reports Geo Meridian portal.

During the restoration works there have been cleared from dust and dirt all of 368 portraits of the famous trellis at the Picture Hall, and 100 portraits were subjected to serious restoration. Interiors of this kind were popular in the palaces of 18 century. For example you can see similar interiors in Tsarskoye Selo and some other palaces of St. Petersburg. However, the Picture Hall is unique as its works are mainly portraits belonging to a single painter – Pietro Rotari.

At present they continue to restore facades, the Front Stair and the Sofa Room. The Front Stair will be opened on April, 30th, and the Sofa Room in May.

Peterhof was laid down by Peter the Great 30 km from Petersburg in 1714. Of course, then it wasn’t as magnificent as it is today. At that Peterhof had only fountains, and Monplasir Palace. Peterhof acquired its today appearance in the reign of the empresses Elizabeth and Catherine the Great.
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