15.04.2013 Authorities of Gelendzik improves the safety of tourists

The authorities of Gelendzik take some measures to improve the safety of tourists, reports Geo Meridian portal.

For example, this summer season on the streets and beaches of the city there will be installed approximately 100 video cameras, as well as created a kind of brigades for patrolling the streets of Gelendzik.

Besides, it is planned to create the automated flood control system. The system will include 18 automated water level tracking centers and local acoustic alert devices.

Gelendzik is one of the most popular resorts of Krasnodar Territory. As most other resorts in the Caucasus, it includes not only the city properly, but also the adjoining districts at the distance of about 100 km. But unlike Sochi, it has not subtropical but Mediterranean climate.
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