17.04.2013 Kiev attracts tourists by discounts

As in many other popular tourist cities of the world, Kiev City Card will soon appear in the capital of the Ukraine, reports Geo Meridian portal.

At first, Kiev City Card will be issued only for 3 days and a week. Their price will be in the range of $25-50 or RUR 780-1550. The owners of these cards will obtain 20 - 30% discounts at hotel and restaurants of Kiev, as well as free museum excursions. But the city cards will be accepted only at the hotels, restaurants and museums, which joined the project. For today 37 restaurants, 12 hotels and over 20 museums joined the project. Later, it has been planned to issue VIP-cards for 3 months and a year. With this card you will have access to airport VIP-rooms.

The city cards will be sold at tourist agencies, booking offices or specialized places, and later at the special web-site.

The capital of the Ukraine Kiev is a very beautiful city with a long history. Kiev has a lot of tourist attractions, including St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael Gold-domed Cathedral and Khreschatik with the Independence Square. But the most interesting tourist attraction is the Kiev Monastery of the Caves.
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