Summer months

Undoubtedly, it is the best time for visiting the cities of the Golden Ring. As in May it may be cold and rainy, which would make any excursion less pleasant.


It is also very pleasant to travel there in a period of golden autumn when all tress are covered with yellow foliage although here weather factor is even more essential, as in the period of autumn rains life is stopped in these cities.

Out of the cities of the Golden Ring Suzdal may be considered to be the most interesting for tourists. Here feels the atmosphere of harmony and quietness that this ancient city lives in. It is just the atmosphere as it is imaged by most residents of the city
It is one of the oldest Russian towns, founded in 1108 (40 years before Moscow). In Middle Ages, when there were many small principalities on the territory of Russia, Vladimir was the capital of the largest principality – in a way the capital of Russia. That`s why churches and cathedrals of this town, being its historical heritage, have a great cultural value
One of the main cities of the Golden Ring located 72 km from Moscow
Rostov the Great is rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities of the Golden Ring. It is located 200 kilometers from Moscow along Yaroslavl highway. Apart from Rostov, the following cities are along Yaroslavl highway: Sergiyev Posad and Pereslavl-Zalessky (nearer Moscow than Rostov), as well as Yaroslavl and Kostroma (farther from Moscow).
The town was founded in 1152 by prince Yuri Dolgorukiy, who had founded Moscow five years before. Alexander Nevskiy was born in this town in 1220. It is situated on the bank of Plescheyevo Lake
Yaroslavl, one of the most beautiful cities of the Golden Ring, is located on the high bank of the Volga river at its confluence with the Kotorosl` river. The city has many interesting tourist attractions, and its historical center was completely reconstructed
Kostroma is the city of the Golden Ring, which is the furthest from Moscow. However, it is rightly considered as one of the historic cities of Russia and is certainly worth visiting. The city retained the appearance of a trading center of 19 century, and it is there that the Ipatiev Monastery is located – the «cradle of Russian monarchy»