A small island Mykonos located in the center of Aegean Archipelago has become one of the most favorite youth resort in Europe. By the number of young tourists Mykonos can only be compared to Ibiza. However, if Ibiza is a clubbing center of Europe, then on Mykonos sex is prevalent.
Only several decades ago Aya-Napa was a quiet fishing village, which are abundant on the coast of Cyprus. But in the course of time it turned into one of the most popular youth resorts in Europe. Aya-Napa is 40 kilometers of Larnaca where one of the main international airports of Cyprus is located.
Lloret de Mar is 75 kilometers to the north of Barcelona. It is the biggest resort on Costa Brava, and definitely the best youth resort on the continental coast of Spain. By the level and number of night clubs Lloret de Mar can easily compete with Ibiza, and moreover, it even has several advantages over Ibiza.
One of the best Italian resorts on Adriatic Coast is located in a small town Rimini. Moreo-ver, for the last ten years it has become the most popular youth resort in Italy, so if you would like to combine the natural beauties of Italy with clubbing, you should go to Rimini, or better to Riccione, which is southward of Rimini.
Most tourists go to Montenegro for relatively inexpensive holidays on the coast of Adriatic Sea. All resort towns are around Budva Riviera. Most beaches are sandy there, and not shingly or even stone as in Croatia, so in this respect Montenegro is clearly superior to its northern neighbor.
The Lithuanian resort Palanga can be quite considered youth resort. In July and August it is crowded with reeling young people, there are a great number of various discos, bars, clubs and everything, which is required by young people for good holidays.