You may have long debates about what is the most beautiful city on the Earth. Everyone has his own tastes and preferences. However, in one thing you may be absolutely sure – no one can be indifferent to Jerusalem
Dubrovnik is a small town in the south of Croatia, but it is as charming that you can quite rank it with the most beautiful cities of Europe
Today Toledo is a small town numbering only several dozens of thousands of inhabitants. Under Charles V, the most powerful monarch of his time, Toledo was the capital of Great Span-ish Empire
Tallinn is a small capital of one Baltic state located on the Baltic Sea Coast, however, it is very attractive for tourists
Xian is located in the north-east of China and is fairly far from the coast. However, it is one of the most visited places because of its exceptional historical value
In XIV century the old city of Avignon on the south of France became one of the most im-portant centers of Europe thanks to a Frenchman Bertrand de Goth who moved there the Roman Curia in 1309, just after his election as the Pope
One of the most interesting tourist routes in Germany goes through the old towns of Fran-conia and Bavaria, and is also known as the «Romantic Road»
You should include a small town Kotor in the list of places to visit in Montenegro. Kotor has fully retained its medieval appearance, with fortified walls and narrow streets (no more than 2-3 meters)
If you don’t want to confine yourself to London during your travel to Great Britain, but would rather see some other cities, or even plan a journey to Scotland, then York may be your first stop