Angkor Wat is one of the largest temple complexes in the world, though you can not consider it as a beautiful temple or simple tourist attraction. It is a special site with peculiar atmosphere where one can feel superiority of Nature to any human being or even entire civilization
Machu-Picchu is one of the world`s famous destinations for all lovers of extreme and interesting adventures. You can`t get there by a comfortable bus but have to go up the mountain path of the Inkas
Petra is in the south of Jordan, near Wadi-Musa. There are a lot of various hotels in Wadi-Musa, so when planning a trip to Petra, you should stay overnight in the city, to have an oppor-tunity to spend a day among the ruins of Petra
There are many cities of ancient civilizations scattered worldwide. Some of them attract by their beautiful scenery, say, Machu Picchu. The other ones have impressive sizes, such as Petra or Angkor-Wat
Unfortunately, time didn’t spare the city of ancient civilizations. Nearly none of them survived until nowadays except in the form of certain ruins giving you but a partial knowledge of how people lived several thousand years ago
There is a wonderful place 150 kilometers of Mandalay, - the ancient city of Pagan (now Bagan). In XI-XIII centuries it was the capital of similar state (Pagan Kingdom), and for that period there have been built several thousands of various Buddhist pagodas on the fairly compact territory