Hong Kong has become one of the most cosmopolitan and, in a way, most futuristic cities in the world. You can see it when you look at the night city from the peak of Victoria. However, you should understand that Hong Kong isn’t only the economic center of Asia Region, but also a very attractive tourist center.
Bangkok is one of the most interesting cities in South-East Asia. In spite of sky-scrapers and intensive traffic junctions, which have been emerging in Bangkok recently, its Old Town pre-served wonderful beauty and eastern flavor of the city.
If you want to see traditional China, the China numbering several thousand years, Beijing is the best place where you can go. If you also want to get acquainted with the most dynamic economy, you should go to Shanghai and Hong Kong.
When you plan your trip to Tokyo, you should be prepared that this city can make on you quite unusual impression – it isn’t the same as the rest of the cities. It is absolutely different. These thoughts let you feel at ease in Tokyo and, perhaps, you even want to return.
Dynamic growth of Chinese economy has become a generally acknowledged fact. Many experts are astonished by the pace of the growth, as well as the speed of construction of sky-scrapers in Shanghai, which are evidence of economic development of China.
What does it generally occur to common people when they think about Singapore? At the end of 80th of the past century the city was called the Economic Dragon of Asia.
In Middle Ages India was a synonym of fabulous wealth for Europeans. Its heyday fell on the period of Great Moguls Empire (XVII-XVIII) who conquered expansive territories ex-tending its influence from Afghanistan to China.
The city located in highlands of Tibet is sacred for millions of Buddhists. Lhasa, translated as the «the place of gods», is still a spiritual center of Tibet, even though in 1950 it was included into the People`s Republic of China (PRC).
The capital of South Korea, Seoul, has been the main city on Korean Peninsula for many centuries. So, having come there you can feel not only the atmosphere of today megalopolis, but also the spirit of ancient East Asia town. Complex interchanges and multi-lane highways are close to ancient palaces and temples.
In Middle Ages Samarkand was the capital of one of the most powerful states of Asia – the Timur`s Empire (also known as Tamburlaine), a descendant of Genghis Khan`s cousin.