You may have long debates about what is the most beautiful city on the Earth. Everyone has his own tastes and preferences. However, in one thing you may be absolutely sure – no one can be indifferent to Jerusalem
Machu-Picchu is one of the world`s famous destinations for all lovers of extreme and interesting adventures. You can`t get there by a comfortable bus but have to go up the mountain path of the Inkas
Petra is in the south of Jordan, near Wadi-Musa. There are a lot of various hotels in Wadi-Musa, so when planning a trip to Petra, you should stay overnight in the city, to have an oppor-tunity to spend a day among the ruins of Petra
As a rule, the name of Angkor Wat is applied to the entire huge complex of about 200 square kilometers consisting of hundreds of large and small temples, but there is the Angkor Wat Temple properly, which is near the Angkor Thom. The Angkor Wat is the world`s largest temple, and its lotus-shaped towers became a symbol of Cambodia
Probably every tourist dream to visit this famous historical complex. Someone may perceive it as a large bazaar crowded with tourists and tradesmen. And partially they are right, so you should disengage yourself from the bustle at the entrance of the complex and go direct to the pyramids. And there you`ll have an opportunity to quietly enjoy the pyramids and try to understand their mystery
Taj Mahal, one of the world`s greatest architectural monuments, is quite rightly considered the symbol of India. The ancient rulers had built magnificent tombs before, for example, the Great Pyramids of Giza or the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (named after the king Mausol, such sepulchers were called mausoleums since that time)
The Great Wall of China can be considered as the symbol of Beijing and the entire country. It stretched for over 8 000 kilometers, from Liaodong Bay to the far reaches of Desert Gobi. It is the greatest human-made construction, which has ever been erected on the planet
There is no other city in the world, which beauty and originality could be compared with those of Venice