It is the most beautiful fjord of Norway, so, when in the country, you should go to it
Grand Canyon of Colorado River is the deepest canyon in the world. Most people consider it as the wonder of nature, and you must admit that they absolutely right. Grand Canyon is indeed the wonder of nature, geological phenomenon, huge abyss jagged with red scars of rocky mountains
When we hear the word `desert`, we usually think about the boundless space of sand crossed by a caravan of camels. Actually, most of the deserts are much less interesting, generally, they are but boundless stony, and absolutely arid and lifeless, spaces. And only in some places, such as Merzouga, a desert looks just this way – boundless sand dunes
People have always been fascinated by mountains. Beside them one feels oneself help-less, but all the same can`t help but admire their magnificence
The beauties of underwater world are less accessible for a regular tourist than what he can see on the ground, but it makes it even more alluring. And there is a place in the world where you can get acquainted with bright, colourful underwater world even if you haven’t had spe-cial training – it` the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
There are few places in the world, to which you can rightly apply the word «unique», however, Galapagos Islands quite deserve the term. Notwithstanding boundless variety of dif-ferent species and their constant migrations about the planet, Darwin was absolutely right calling the Galapagoses the «world in itself»
Whether you travel over the Trans-Siberian Railroad or simply want to see Siberian nature, Baikal is undoubtedly one of the most curious places in Russia. The lake is rather unique scientifically, and it is very suitable for ecotourism, hiking and adventurous tours