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Oranienbaum - Kronshtadt

During this tour, you will visit the Oranienbaum palace complex of Count Menshikov, as well as the city of Kronstadt, which is called the "City of Naval Glory of Russia". All the sights of Kronstadt are connected by the Navy.
Go from St. Petersburg along the Peterhof highway to the west. After 12 kilometers from the Peterhof Palace, you will arrive in the small suburb of Lomonosov. It houses the palace of Count Menshikov, who was close to Tsar Peter I. Oranienbaum was built at the same time as Peterhof.
In Oranienbaum, see the Menshikov Grand Palace, as well as the Chinese Palace. In different parts of the park there are pavilions of Catherine II's Own villa, as well as the Palace of Peter III.
From Oranienbaum, go to Kotlin Island, where the construction of the Kronshlot Fortress began simultaneously with the first houses of St. Petersburg. It has protected the city from enemy ships for centuries.
Start your tour of Kronstadt from Anchor Square, where the Naval Cathedral is located. Head out to the waterfront to view the moored warships. See the museums and forts of Kronstadt.

General information
  • Number of places to visit : 3
  • Total route duration : 1 day
  • Type of route : 0
  • Length of the route ~(km) :
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